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Busters are the New Boomers!

Busters are the new Boomers. Another demographic milestone that has recently been attained is Canada’s Buster generation (those aged 30 to 49) now outnumbering the Boomers (aged 50 to 69): today, there are 9.69 million Busters versus 9.51 million Boomers. While the Boomers are still more prevalent in BC, the Atlantic provinces, and Quebec, the…
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Boomers and motorcycling

Perhaps it’s the sense of adventure. It might be the open road. Or it could be the sense of freedom. No matter what the appeal is, boomers are flocking to motorcycling as a hobby. Motorcycling has definitely come a long way in the last few decades, and it’s a decidedly mainstream hobby that sees many…
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