motorcycle1Perhaps it’s the sense of adventure. It might be the open road. Or it could be the sense of freedom. No matter what the appeal is, boomers are flocking to motorcycling as a hobby.

Motorcycling has definitely come a long way in the last few decades, and it’s a decidedly mainstream hobby that sees many professionals going hog wild over it. In fact, the popularity of motorcycling has increased 17 per cent in the last year according to

Either way, these boomer professionals aren’t just casual riders. They’re riding some of the best bikes out there by manufacturers such as BMW, Harley-Davidson and Ducati. This is because the baby boomers have the money to spend on these toys. And though most riders continue to be male, women are purchasing their own bikes to ride now more than ever, making up nine per cent of Harley-Davidson buyers last year alone.

I obtained my motorcycle license four years ago.  My motorcycle of choice is a BMW F650S and I ride with my partner as often as we can.  He is a collector of vintage BMW motorcycles and as such, a number of people typically congregate around his bikes when we stop to look around in small towns that we visit on our daytrips.  We have met some wonderful people as a result of sharing similar interests in motorcycling.

Many adult communities in North America have picked up on the growing trend and are now offering active motorcycle clubs to get residents’ motors running.

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