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For the love of: Vintage lighting

Porch LightI’ve written about vintage lighting before here, and here, so it won’t come as a surprise that I really do love it.

Apart from being fully functional, vintage lighting has the ability to also stand alone as a piece of art and can create a focal point that simultaneously offers ambiance in a space whether turned on or off.

As with anything vintage, you’re looking for quality pieces that will become an investment in your home. But since vintage lighting does play two roles: as art and function, it’s an investment that I believe is worth it.

Vintage lighting can be sourced at a number of retailers – many of whom will hunt for what you’re looking for. But for many, part of the joy of finding the right piece of vintage lighting is in the hunt. If you’re concerned about whether or not the piece will actually work, ensure you factor that into the price to pay as you may need to employ the services of an electrician skilled in vintage lighting to get the piece operational again.

And if you are planning on spending a substantial amount on vintage lighting, be sure you do your research first. Pieces by Degas and Lalique can fetch a fair sum but fakes have been known to surface. Lalique pieces will be signed, which can help ensure authenticity when checked with an expert.

Whether you’re buying just one piece of vintage lighting or filling your home with it, I’m sure you’ll end up loving it as much as I do.

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