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Finding Feng Shui

East meets west with the proliferation of homeowners and buyers seeking Feng Shui in their homes.

Feng (wind) Shui (water) is about the flow and harnessing of chi (energy) in the home. According to ancient Chinese beliefs, wind carries chi and water contains it, so the right mix of each provides a balanced energy within a home.

As many buyers and owners – not just of Chinese descent – have made clear in today’s market, Feng Shui makes good home sense.

Ideally, bad chi or destructive energy should be avoided in a home. It can be caused by such seemingly inconsequential design choices as harsh lighting, sharp noises, pointed objects and a lack of privacy. As such, Feng Shui experts recommend avoiding properties facing the road in a T-junction or those located at the end of a cul de sac where traffic comes towards it. Homes situated in noisy locations where the harsh light of the sun, or headlights, shine into the home should also be avoided.

When it comes to décor choices, Feng Shui experts recommend decorating homes that do not just please your senses, but also enrich your life. For example, a cluttered home can cause your life to be filled with obstacles.

Clear the bad energy that accompanies clutter and remove items that are unused or wanted. Donating those items can bring some good energy to your life.

If your home doesn’t feel safe and comfortable, start by repositioning furniture. Feng Shui principles recommend having the largest piece of furniture in a position where you can see the door so you can see who is coming in to create a sense of safety.

Homes should also contain plants and a water feature which are traditional symbols of prosperity in Feng Shui. Plus, plants purify the air, benefitting your health.

Boost your mood with colour and paint your walls in colours that are warm and reflect light. Soft yellows and greens are great options and can still be neutral enough to please the contemporary design pallet.

Make your home welcoming – and welcome to blessings – with an inviting entrance. The front door should be visible, as should the house numbers. Ensure the path to the door is clear and positive energy will find its way in.

There are a number of companies in the Toronto area that offer Feng Shui consultations and services. These include:
Morris Feng Shui (Toronto) – www.morrisfengshui.com

Feng Shui Canada (Oakville) – www.fengshuicanada.com

Setting the Stage Home Staging and ReDesign (York Region) – www.settingthestageright.com


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