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Trends in art and collectables

post18Purchasing exquisite, unique and valuable art and collectables has long been a great way for people to both add beauty to their homes and safely invest money in the process. An original piece by a famed artist can easily increase in value over time, often making the initial investment in the piece more than worth it.

When I think about adding art and collectables to my home, I do consider the investment aspect, but most importantly to me is that I love the piece, see value in adding it to my collection, and know that I will appreciate it each time I look at it. Not only do I recommend that everyone do the same, but I also suggest looking into art and collectable trends to see what’s really gaining attention and decide if it suits your style.

Not surprisingly, graffiti-inspired art is gaining a lot of attention. What used to only be found on building walls and was considered to be ugly, graffiti brings together a comic-like style that’s abstract stories are left to each viewer’s interpretation.

Urban-inspired art trends don’t end at graffiti, though. We’re seeing a lot of unique cityscapes and urban scenes playing into both photographic and painted art. These add great visual interest and a contemporary element to modern homes.

Also great for modern homes are the photography art abstracts that are very trendy. We’re seeing photographers becoming more creative with not only their lenses, but also with design programs that create unique pieces of art.

Traditionalists aren’t forgotten in today’s trends. The human form and figurative art is on the upswing once again with the nude taking centre stage. What is different this time around is that the face is camouflaged, much of the human form is being left to the imagination, and pops of colour are being added for visual interest.

If you are looking for the perfect home to showcase your art collection, I can help. Please e-mail me directly at Roxanne@chestnutpark.com or call my office at 416-925-9191 to set up an appointment.

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