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Canadian startups to watch

post26Canada is home to a lot of talented people and as such, many of them have started new businesses that are impacting our lives. You may not even realize it, but technology that you use every day may actually have been developed in our own backyards.

According to Alexa.com – a website that provides information such as internet traffic, statistics and metrics of websites – there are at least 100 great startups in Canada that are already impacting us.

I’ve looked at a recent ranking and am happy to report that I use, or have heard of, many of the top 10 companies.

HootSuite Media Inc. is most notably known for its unique social media dashboard that links Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress and other social networks to schedule and disseminate updates to all networks simultaneously.

HootSuite, based in Vancouver, has only existed since 2008, but it has clearly made a huge impact in the lives of Canadians and people around the world.

Another Vancouver-based company, PlentyofFish Media is ranked second by Alexa and it’s no wonder – it’s one of the most popular, 100 per cent free dating websites. It offers all kinds of great features that people looking to find that special someone just can’t get from other dating sites. I’ve never used it, but know lots of people who have and have had great success with it.

More technically-inclined people may have heard about Alexa.com’s third ranked Canadian startup. The Calgary company whos.amung.us offers real time analytics for your website, blog or social network profile.

It must be something about the west coast, because Alexa.com’s fourth ranked Canadian startup is MetroLeap Media Inc. As the leading provider of entertainment content in the internet music market, the company has been around since 2004 and its flagship site is the most visited lyrics site worldwide. Talk about an impact!

Rounding out the top five, Toronto-based TinEye by Idee Inc. is a reverse image search engine. A what? Basically TinEye users can submit images to the search engine and find out where it came from, how many times its been used, if it has been modified or to find higher resolution versions.

Looking for more information about some of Canada’s top-rated startups? Visit Alexa.com.

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