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Founded by and Erb around a sawmill on Beaver Creek in the 19th century, Erbsville started as a village – part of the now extinct Waterloo Township – and more recently has emerged as a neighbourhood in the northwest corner of Waterloo.

It was Samuel Erb, part owner of German Company Tract Lot 45, located in the farthest west corner of Waterloo Township. It was here, at the junction of Beaver and Monastery creeks, where he built a sawmill that, by 1845, was cutting logs into planks. By 1861 a hamlet had grown at the nearby intersection of what today is Erbsville Road and Conservation Drive. During its heyday the area featured two blacksmiths, a general store offering postal service, a carpenter’s shop, a cheese factory and Baltzer Schnarr’s British Crown Inn.


Erbsville’s first school was erected in 1859 only to be replaced in 1873 with a brick building that remained in use for more than eight decades. It too was replaced in 1959, a school that today is home to an early-years drop-in centre operated by the City of Waterloo, provincial government and YMCA.

St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran church was the first in the area, built in 1853 on what is now Kressler Road in Wellesley Township. Though the original church’s cemetery still exists in that location, a yellow brick church that’s still standing was built in Erbsville itself in 1877. The 140-year-old church is still active today.

Also still active today is the area’s most notable attraction, Ebsville Kartway, which offers thrills for those with the need for speed.

Erbsville’s new role as a neighbourhood filled with young families will keep the name, if not the village, alive.

Points of Interest

Erbsville Kartway

Creekside Church
Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church
Waterloo Church of Christ

Early Years Centre

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