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5 Sustainable Items Shaping Home Design in 2022

Line up for eye-catching colour, bold shapes, and a whole new angle on adding personality to As top designers embrace a mantra of reduce, reuse, and recycle, we curate a selection of the coming year’s most stylish sustainable developments

Originally featured on Christie’s Luxury Defined Blog.

Fast fashion has rightfully received its fair share of public scrutiny, but what of fast furniture and furnishings? Happily, 2022 looks set to be the year in which home design truly steps up to the sustainable mark. So, from all-natural wall art to zero-waste cookware, our roundup of five designer items is proof positive that waste not, want not.

 A Bigger Splash

A lacquered semi-circle hall table and large gold mirror in a hallway with bold patterned wallpaper

With each project tailor-made to your specifications at its headquarters in Milan, Italy, Wallpepper produces high-quality wallpapers realized with certified materials in a sustainable design process.

Perfect for your pool house or spa area, bathroom, and even in the shower stall, these wallpapers are printed on natural, sustainable, and PVC-free materials, a design choice ideal for spaces that are exposed to water and humidity. They are composed of smooth, pressed fiberglass sheets that are coated with a special antibacterial protective covering, making them easy to keep clean. The papers, from Italy’s Wallpepper, are available in a range of flora- and fauna-inspired designs.


Smash Hits

Inspired by the ancient palimpsest cities of antiquity, these coasters are made by taking broken concrete fragments and casting them in resin. Each coaster pair is unique and handmade to order in concrete and resin.

It took Ted Bradley a year and “hundreds of fails” to perfect the illuminated rings that make up his Samsara

Multidisciplinary design studio BRCJ Designs has expertise in architecture, interior design, and home decor. The company was founded in Los Angeles by Benjamin R.C. Jones, who started out working on large-scale projects but is latterly “more focused on a smaller scale—single-family homes, custom furniture, design commissions…”

Jones experienced a newfound appreciation for the reuse of materials following a recent visit to Rome, where repurposed stone can be seen everywhere. This was the starting point for his Spolia coasters, Latin for spoils. The final sustainable design came about by accident—Jones dropped an early model while unmolding it and, rather than throwing the concrete fragments away, he cast them in resin.


Hive Mind

Based in Somerset, England, Bee & Sons is a knitwear brand devoted to recycling, with a goal of proving that clothing manufacture can be truly circular.

Bee & Sons knitwear has been a long time in the making. “I first came across recycled wool 20 years ago when I wrote an article for a women’s magazine,” remembers founder and fashion journalist Deborah Bee. “It seemed amazing that we were sitting on an untapped resource of wool that was good enough to turn into new clothing.” On the hunt for wool at the beginning of lockdown, to knit a cardigan for a friend, Bee came across recycled yarns and decided to start her business.

“Reusing wool saves on pollution from making virgin yarn, and stops perfectly good fibers ending up in landfill.” Bee & Sons’ yarns are thoroughly washed and reconditioned before they become an elegant slouchy cardigan—choose from designs on the website or commission one to your own specifications and help Bee to “save the world, one cardigan at a time.”


A Cunning Pan

Three cast iron pans featuring a sustainable design on a wooden table

Hand-cast and hand-finished, the Samuel Groves Britannia range is ideal for back-to-basics cooking, home cooks, or professionals—and is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Heritage brand Samuel Groves has been making cast-iron cookware since 1817 but it is keeping up with the expectations of its 21st-century customers. Its new Britannia pans are made from more than 70 percent recycled material and are 100 percent recyclable at end of life (they also come with a lifetime guarantee), possibly making them the world’s first “circular” cookware. The “cast-iron with a conscience” collection, which is pre-seasoned, boasts outstanding results on all cooktops.


Twist & Shine

Available in a contemporary black or white varnished metal finish, each Flex lamp also features CicloItalia’s trademark brass details throughout its movable elements.

Back in the 1980s, acclaimed lighting designer Enzo Catellani returned from a visit to eastern Asia with some unusual bicycle headlamps that he had come across. He liked them so much he repurposed them into the Ciclocina lamp. When the originals went out of production, his company Catellani & Smith started making its own new version, the CicloItalia.

The firm has now reinvented the headlamp once more as the CicloItalia Flex. As the name suggests, the ceiling, wall, and floor lamps have a branching element that can be moved—“flexed”—into your desired position or configuration, to shine perfectly angled light into your chosen space.


Banner image: Giverny wallpaper by Italian brand Wallpepper

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