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Why the popularity of Dr. Oz?

post16Discovered by Oprah and still wildly popular on his own show, Dr. Mehmet Oz is nothing less than a phenomenon who provides expert medical information to millions of viewers each day.

But why is he so popular?

I think it’s our ability to relate to him as a person, not just a doctor, which makes him so iconic. Sure, he uses some medical jargon, but he also always takes the time to explain exactly what those terms mean – a characteristic not always found with busy family and walk-in clinic doctors.

Furthermore, Dr. Oz covers the gamut of medical issues on his show. Everything from weight loss to anti-aging techniques, naturopathic remedies and mental health are covered in any given episode and it’s his knowledge of all of these topics that is really appealing. Plus, when he isn’t the expert, he brings that person in to talk openly and frankly about the sometimes controversial issues.

I also think that Dr. Oz seems very much like a regular guy – with an exceptional wealth of information to be shared. And it is his passion that comes across, even through the TV, that makes him riveting. It makes us believe everything he tells us. And why shouldn’t we? He’s an accomplished doctor with a rich background in both medical practice and teaching, is a best-selling author and has been ranked by both Time and Esquire magazines as one of the world’s most influential people.

An influence us he has.

Why do you think Dr. Oz is so popular?

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