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Unique Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Three-Piece Large Mirror

Your bathroom mirror is a necessity but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Whether you’re hanging it above a single or double vanity, there are many unique bathroom mirror ideas to choose from.

The top trend in bathroom mirrors is unique framing. Whether that’s heavy reclaimed wood for a rustic look or an ornate gilded frame for a luxurious finish, your mirror’s frame can speak volumes about the room’s style.

If you’re more inclined towards an un-framed bathroom mirror then your style is more modern and a large frameless mirror covering the entire wall above your bathroom vanity is a sleek look.

Mirrored Windowpane

Pulling from the gallery wall trend, bathroom mirrors of various sizes and styles can be hung in a unique arrangement above and beyond the vanity as their own pieces of art. Experts recommend keeping all of the mirrors on one wall, however, so you don’t end up with a funhouse effect.
If you’re looking for more storage space but don’t want an old-fashioned, clunky medicine cabinet you may be in luck. Depending on where the studs are in the wall behind your vanity you could have a medicine cabinet recessed into the wall so you get extra storage space but don’t lose the look of just having a mirror.

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And of course bathroom mirrors and lighting go hand-in-hand so you’ll need to factor lighting into your design.

Those modern, frameless mirrors are best paired with light fixtures that hang above the mirror, while framed mirrors can be beautifully accentuated with sconce lighting either above or on either side of the mirror.

What other unique bathroom mirror ideas do you have?

Large Gold-Framed Mirror

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