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Trendy home-swapping makes for homey vacation

shutterstock_83959366Home swapping, also known as home exchange, is a great way to vacation. You can see the world and save bundles on accommodation. This trendy way to vacation has become increasingly popular over the years and there are now entire websites dedicated to finding the home swap that’s right for you.

If a home swap is something you’re considering doing, the first thing you’ll want to do is register with a website like homeforexchange.com. As a marketplace for non-commercial home exchange, this site puts you in contact with homeowners around the world who also want to swap. Once registered with the site, you can browse the listings, contact the homeowners and finalize the contract.

When considering a home swap, you’ll want to be sure you’re prepared for what’s ahead. Start by being open to anyone who is interested in swapping. Don’t close your mind to destinations and consider the benefits of travelling somewhere new.

You’ll also want to be as clear as possible with swappers about how you want things in your house kept. You should actually put together a house manual that details as much as possible about your home. Include instructions for any tasks, such as watering plants, the home exchangers will need to complete, and ensure that whoever ends up in your house is aware of it.

Once the exchange is set and you’re ready to swap, be sure that you’ve put away anything valuable or personal that you don’t want others to get into. This can include jewellery boxes or even photo albums. Store them with friends or family, or lock away in a safe if you have one.

You should also arrange to have a neighbour, or friend, drop in on the exchangers and introduce themselves in the first few days. It’s nice for them to have someone to go to should they need assistance, and you should ask for the same thing from your partners. It just might come in handy.

But be prepared for what to expect when you get to the home you’ve exchanged for. Things will be different and that’s okay, as long as you’re prepared for it.

Likewise, be prepared for things in your home to be different when you get home. Items may have been put away in the wrong place, and things might have been broken as well. That’s why it’s so important to put away any items of value before swapping.

You may also want to consider swapping vehicles – another savings. Be sure to call your insurance company ahead of time to clear it, but most companies will be fine with out-of-town friends driving your car.

It’s a great way to see the world, so why not list your house and see what happens?


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