Is the kitchen still the most important room in the house?

For many years the kitchen has been considered a vital gathering place in the home. It’s the place everyone congregates as a family to share meals and carryout a number of household activities that were previously done in other principal rooms in the house.

I think the rise of the kitchen as the most important room stemmed from the open concept design adopted by trendy new homebuilders that identified the changing demographic profile of the new homebuyer. They listened to their demands and low and behold the open concept or integrated floor plan was adopted.

But in recent years, kitchens have taken on a life of their own. No longer are we satisfied with an average kitchen – not even one that opens up to the rest of the home so we can entertain, watch the children, or be part of whatever else is going on in the home while we cook.

Today’s kitchens must be high-end, chef-inspired pieces of art, even if we don’t use them to cook gourmet meals. And for that reason, I think kitchen design will continue to be modified to our changing lifestyles regardless of the demographic characteristics of the homeowner.

For these reasons, it is not surprising that a renovated kitchen has an estimated return on investment of 80 per cent or more on the resale value of homes sold in today’s market.

As a seller, if you are going to renovate your home for the purpose of increasing it’s value in the eyes of today’s buyer, then start with the kitchen. As I have always advised my sellers, “kitchens and bathrooms will make it all happen!”

We will draw a distinction between a “working kitchen” and “the social kitchen”. Social kitchens are not a space where we just cook… it’s where we dine, relax, do homework, catch up and generally live. I’d say it’s the place where we spend the most time at home.

Renovating to create the new social kitchen is an investment that will hold it’s value, but it’s also a place where you’ll make most of your memories with family and friends.

If you would like to learn more about the new social kitchen and obtain functional design ideas, please contact me and I will connect you with a couple of creative and hardworking designers/contractors that can help you and avoid making some costly mistakes.

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