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The future of real estate is your technology

Computers. Lap tops. Tablets. Smart phones. The list of useable technology we have at the touch of our fingers goes on and on. And as we’ve watched it change and shape the world we live it, it’s inevitable that it’s affected the real estate industry as well.

Gone are the days of simply sticking a “for sale” sign on a front lawn. While we still do that, our marketing extends further than ever before. Of course there is still traditional paper and magazine advertising, but my blog is the perfect example of how real estate professionals are finding other ways to reach our target market, and it’s all in the technology.

Take, for example, the incredibly popular Realtor.ca website. The online connection to the Multiple Listing Service has recently undergone a slew of enhancements to make it more user-friendly than ever. But even before these changes were made the site was getting as many as 17 million visits and 300 million page views each month.

The site, which is now completely mobile friendly, also has such handy options as the ability to choose what type of property you are looking for rather than just residential locations, the type of ownership you are looking for, and the ability to look for properties based on the date they were uploaded to the site. A user -friendly map tool also assists the search options, while upgraded correspondence options allow a user to email a property’s listing agent with a personal message.

Considered to be one of the best websites in Canada, Realtor.ca is just the tip of the iceberg for the future of real estate in this country as we see mobile apps being created specifically to help buyers search for properties on-the-go, as well as new and improved distribution capabilities across websites such as Realtor.ca that will assist agents in advertising their listings across other sites as well.

The future, I believe, is here. Find out how I’m making use of it to market properties and help my clients purchase properties by calling me directly at 289-338–0767.

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