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The ever-growing popularity of recreational homes and family

post20Simply put, there is nothing better than spending quality time with the people you love. Your family is there during the good times and the bad, and I think that in an effort to increase the good times, families are investing more and more into recreational homes to spend quality time in.

Whether it’s a cottage, cabin, condo or farm, these recreational homes offer families the perfect place to play.

Away from regular daily chores, the office and other commitments, recreational homes provide families with the opportunity to spend completely un-interrupted time with each other. Maintenance on the home can simply be contracted out for someone else to take care of, or families can do the work together in a way that’s fun and still encourages everyone to be together.

A cottage on the water is perfect for boating, water skiing, fishing or just hanging out on the dock, while a family farm in the country provides a beautiful setting for children to run around in, build play structures and feel completely safe to explore. It is for these reasons and so many more that the purchase of recreational homes continues to grow in popularity.

If you are looking for a recreational home for you and your family to enjoy, I can help. I specialize in helping clients buy and sell real estate in such highly sought after areas as Uxbridge, famed for its beautiful rolling hills, wooden fences and tree-lined roads, which all showcase the beautiful country setting, as well as Lake Simcoe, home to phenomenal waterfront properties that provide residents with access to local marinas and the harbour, with many quaint small towns just a short drive away.

Please e-mail me directly at Roxanne@chestnutpark.com or call my office at 416-925-9191 to set up an appointment to talk about what you’re looking for in a recreational home.

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