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Selling a historically significant home takes a dedicated professional who must have the talent, skill set and persistence that is necessary, to find just the right buyer, for this type of unique property.

Roxanne Henderson is just such a broker. She began with patient listening and learning about the history and features of our designated home, while gently suggesting some staging, improvements and updating to the inner workings of the house. This resulted in us getting a good deal of interest in our property, immediately.

Her amazing ‘feature sheet’ brochure, website, social media exposure and video, virtual-tour, captured our love of our 170 year old Georgian manse. She also portrayed the beauty of our acre of naturalized gardens, while emphasizing the importance of the carolinian and indigenous trees contained in our arboretum.

In a slowing market, we had interest in our home and subsequently several offers, starting on day one! When it sold for exactly what we discussed it was worth, we were very, very pleased.

Because of the home’s great age, unique features and location in a small village, it was not your typical offering. Roxanne Henderson did her research and attracted clients that were educated and motivated historic home buyers.

With Roxanne’s dedication and enthusiastic approach, our experience culminated in a pleasurable and satisfying conclusion, a timely sale! She guided us through some anxious moments with confidence.

Thank you Roxanne!

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