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The Power of Scent: How a Home Fragrance Can Enhance Your Space

An expertly chosen home fragrance can elevate a cherished sanctuary to new heights of comfort—here we meet the alchemists perfecting the ancient art of perfumery This article was originally published on Christie’s International Real Estate’s lifestyle blog, Luxury Defined. Thick, heady, and sweet-smelling smoke drifting from burning woods, resins, and spices: the very earliest use of…
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Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate

What is Wellness Real Estate? Wellness Real Estate, as defined by the Global Wellness Institute is “the construction of residential and commercial/institutional properties that incorporate intentional wellness elements into their design, materials, and building as well as their amenities, services and/or programming.” This includes wellness-related renovations and improvements made to existing homes and buildings.  Currently, there are over 740 wellness…
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Health Benefits Of Balsam Fir Pillows

The medicinal properties of balsam fir needles have long been observed by Indigenous Peoples who believed stuffing their pillows to create balsam fir pillows encouraged tranquil, peaceful sleep. Not only do balsam fir pillows smell fresh and crisp, which is one of the reasons they promote a good sleep, but balsam fir is also good…
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