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What’s Your Story? An Insight into Selling in the Luxury Residential Market

Selling your luxury real estate home involves care and personalization to properly present the property well to potential qualified, interested buyers. The best thing you can do as a seller is to see your property in the eyes of a buyer. How does the property speak to you? Do you feel a connection and kinship…
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Creating Your Own Luxury Home Gym

Design your own space that makes you want to work out. Having a home gym offers convenience, privacy, greater hygiene and immediate access to your  personalized workout options right from the comfort of your own home. When it is your own space, you can design it the way you want to have an appealing aesthetic…
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The Art of the Modern Luxury Bathroom

This article was originally published on Christie’s International Real Estate’s lifestyle blog, Luxury Defined. No longer a merely functional space, today’s bathroom is part spa, part sanctuary, and part recharge station—and more lavishly designed than ever before On the upper floors of 551 West 21st Street, the 19-story condominium designed by Sir Norman Foster in New…
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Christie’s Int’l 2015 Luxury White Paper

Christie’s Int’l 2015 Luxury White Paper Excerpt from the 31-page report: What qualifies as “luxury” in the residential property sector differs significantly from market to market, both in terms of price and characteristics of a home. In this year’s Luxury Defined report, we frame the global luxury real estate sector, not only by examining the…
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