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The Power of Scent: How a Home Fragrance Can Enhance Your Space

An expertly chosen home fragrance can elevate a cherished sanctuary to new heights of comfort—here we meet the alchemists perfecting the ancient art of perfumery This article was originally published on Christie’s International Real Estate’s lifestyle blog, Luxury Defined. Thick, heady, and sweet-smelling smoke drifting from burning woods, resins, and spices: the very earliest use of…
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How to Reduce Exposure to EMFs in Your Home

Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) exposure can affect your health if left unchecked and unaddressed. Here are some solutions to minimize exposure, increase your awareness and create a healthier living space. What are EMFs? EMFs or electromagnetic frequencies are essentially electric and magnetic fields that radiate energy. The sun gives out EMFs as do power lines. Many…
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