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Heritage home design series: Georgian home window ornamentation

In my last post I talked about double-hung sash windows being the predominant window style in Georgian homes and what exactly a double-hung sash window is. In this post, I’ll go into further detail about the ornamentation found above those windows. Wood Georgians often featured decorative pediments above the windows. A pediment is an architectural…
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Heritage home design series: Georgian double hung windows

In my recent post about Georgian architecture I mention that double-hung sash windows were the most popular type of window used in Georgian home architecture, but what exactly is a double-hung sash window? In Georgian architecture these windows, which slid up and down on a series of weights and pulleys, featured small panes of glass…
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Heritage home design series part five: Georgian homes

Popular from 1700 to 1830, Georgian homes obviously enjoy a long history in North America and are one of the most popular home styles even today. Georgian home style is linked to Sir Christopher Wren, a well-known architect from England, where the style originated before being brought to North America. Characterized by symmetrical design and…
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