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Summary of negative Lake Simcoe waterfront property sales activity


With waterfront that is mostly all direct waterfront with shoreline deeded to the property, Beaverton’s 2015 average value per linear foot is $6,362 and four of the 16 properties sold had waterfront in excess of 100 feet. The average sale price decreased from $585,000 in 2014 to $531,863 in 2015.

Our analysis and expertise in the Beaverton area shows that real estate vales on the eastern shore are a bargain when compared to the other four key areas we serve. And the remarkable feature of the eastern shore is the gorgeous western sunset views that are unprecedented in other areas with few exceptions.


We have analyzed the sales data to determine the reason for the reduction in the average selling price in 2015. Although there were seven additional sales in 2015, noteworthy is the reduction in the number of sales more than $1.5 million that dropped from seven sales in 2014 to only two sales in 2015.

Also, to compound this is the number of sales in the range of $750,000 up to $1.5 million. There was a notable reduction from 17 sales in 2014 to seven sales in 2015. The median price increase of 16.6 percent year-over-year is a more reliable indicator of the change to the market value of this area in 2015.

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