shutterstock_41349784With the college and university school year coming to an end, many of you parents, including me, may be coming to the realization that your children away attending university won’t be returning home at the end of the semester and will instead opt to stay with roommates in their university town. Whether they’ve just completed their first year or are wrapping up their undergraduate career, this is a popular decision among students who are looking to maintain the freedom and lifestyle enjoyed while away at school.

For us parents, however, it can be devastating and may even leave us facing the prospect of suddenly being empty nesters.

If you’re feeling like your children are rejecting you for their new-found freedom, that’s a natural reaction. But remember that this is actually a good decision for your child to make. It means they’re growing up, that you’ve done a great job raising them and that they are ready to be independent adults. So congratulations!

Don’t fear the next stage of your life – being an empty nester –instead, I recommend you embrace it. Not having the children around the house can actually be a benefit to you. Likely many of your friends are finding themselves in similar situations, so now is a great time to reconnect with them and pump up your own social life while your children enjoy theirs.

Though you may not be ready to sell your bigger home for something smaller without the kids, and I recommend you don’t rush into making a decision like that, you may be ready to make some renovations to your home to better suit your new lifestyle. Kids’ rooms can be converted into elegant office space for you to enjoy on those days you work from home, and a kitchen upgrade can provide a great place to entertain friends and family on special occasions, or nights when you just want to host a simple dinner party.

If your kids have already been gone for a while, then you may be ready to downsize to a smaller home. Even if you’re ready to do this, you may fear that you won’t have enough space when everyone comes home to visit. A great alternative is to sell your big home, move into something more appropriately sized and purchase a second recreation property for your family to enjoy.

A city condo can be perfectly complemented by a second country home, or a cottage, that’s big enough for everyone to gather at, but doesn’t have to be maintained on a daily basis. Please call my office at 416-925-9191 to make an appointment with me about discussing your options.