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Spectacular Indoor and Outdoor Showers

Whether you like to shower indoors or out, there are countless ways to create spectacular indoor and outdoor showers that you may never want to leave.

Indoor showers offer countless ways to add luxury.

Starting with size, the bigger, the better. Gone are the days when a standard tub insert will do. To make a shower spectacular it must have room for two. Add a heated seat for a bit of a steam shower and plenty of shelf space for all of your shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

Once you’ve got the size just right, start considering the finishes. That heated seat is a good start, as are those shelves, but what about the type of tile you use? Marble is of course amongst the most luxurious finishes, but even a standard tile can be spectacular when laid the right way. Herringbone patterns are hot right now and can really make a large shower spectacular.

But don’t forget about the accessories, the most important of which is the showerhead. When you’ve got a large shower, consider having multiple showerheads hung from the ceiling that ultimately make you feel like you’re standing out in the rain.

If showering out in the rain is your thing, and it is for many, an outdoor shower can be just as spectacular as one inside.

Start by choosing the location. It’s likely you’re adding a shower for pre- and post swims, so beside the pool house is a great place. If you have a view, try to capture it in the build of the outdoor shower. And just like inside, consider size. In your outdoor shower you might be more conscious of needing space to change. Add hooks for towels and wet bathing suits, and shelving for any toiletries you and your guests might need.

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