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Save money with the Ontario Home Energy Audit Program

post24Ontario residents looking to save a little bit of money on their energy costs can now take advantage of the Ontario Home Energy Audit Program.
The energy conservation program, offered by the Ontario government, shows you how and where your home loses energy. With the program you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where you can save money on your energy costs.

An energy audit will generally cost $300 or less, and the Government of Ontario will pay 50 per cent of the cost to a maximum of $150.
Why should you invest in a home energy audit? It will identify the changes that are needed to be made to your home that can help you reduce your annual energy bill, improve your home’s re-sale value, make your home more comfortable and will help you make Ontario’s environment a little cleaner in the process.

When you have an Energy Audit done you can expect to find detailed information about your home’s energy use including a complete assessment of the home’s insulation and heating and cooling system as well as any other energy uses you may employ. A “blower door” test will be conducted to detect any air leaks or drafts in the home. At the end, you can expect to receive a personalized report that will provide you with recommendations for changes that can be made to your home to increase its energy efficiency.

It is recommended that homes built 10 or more years ago undergo an energy audit. If your home fits this suggestion you can find out more about applying for an audit by visiting the Ministry of Energy’s website.

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