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Olfactive Branding–Sponsorship Opportunity with Ellevate Toronto Chapter







This is your company’s OPPORTUNITY to connect with women and LEARN MORE ABOUT what they want!

YOUR BRAND will connect with OVER 140,000 people who listen to us!

And that does not include those with whom we personally speak to!

14,854 LinkedIn
11,896 Facebook
38,090 Twitter
82,419 Google +

YOU are invited to BECOME A SPONSOR FOR OUR UPCOMING Unique Holiday Event!

Join Ellevate and many other women who are some of Toronto’s Top Professionals to learn from renowned speaker TRACY PEPE ON OLFACTIVE BRANDING.

Scent Branding…. the scented story of “Champagne and Caviar”
A discussion on the design process of The Toronto Trump Olfactive Brand
Scent | Story | Design | Inspiration

Meet an incredible visionary who has been scenting spaces for almost 20 years. Most recently, she has amazed Toronto with the success of her “Champagne and Caviar” scenting of the Trump Hotel. Learn more how scenting and olfactive branding can help your business and network with some of Toronto’s Women Executives.

Wednesday November 26, 2014
6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Toronto Trump International Hotel & Tower
or The Royal Ontario Museum



GOLD – Branding Fee $ 3500.00 Includes:

Corporate Table with tabletop promo
Recognition at podium
Your brand’s corporate logo on invites and signage
Web promotion – Social Media Exposure
5 Complimentary tickets
Networking and Branding Opportunity

SILVER – Branding Fee $1500.00 Includes:

Your brand’s corporate logo on invites and signage
Recognition at podium
Web promotion – Social Media Exposure
2 Complimentary tickets
Networking and Branding Opportunity


If you are interested in the opportunity, contact Ellevate Toronto’s:

Roxanne Henderson
T: (289) 338-0767
E: roxannesemail@bell.net


Logo_TagLineAbout The Ellevate Network:

Ellevate has been featured in Fortune Magazine, CNN, Elle, MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Working Mother, TIME and more. Our community is made up of professional women from a variety of industries, who are active in more than 40 global chapters. For more information on Ellevate, visit https://www.ellevatenetwork.com


20140103_174518-2About the Speaker:

Tracy Pepe is a distinguished lecturer to a variety of organizations. She holds many awards, nominations and accolades for her work, and is held in very high esteem for her articles supporting sensorial solutions in spaces.







Information relating to Olfactive Design, Globe & Mail
Pepe’s Corporate blog
The Seduction of Scent with CBC, the story of scent
Video: Pepe’s design process with the Trump Hotel

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