shutterstock_74923666-300x199Managing your power consumption at home has never been easier, or more beneficial to your wallet. As the cost of energy rises, there is no better time than now to be mindful of your consumption and make changes that will also benefit our environment.

Toronto Hydro offers an amazing Hydro Kit for Homeowners, full of information about how you can save. Similar programs are also available from other suppliers, including PowerStream in York, Simcoe and Barrie, as well as Hydro One. These tips include:

• Go high efficiency. Did you know that as much as 60 per cent of your electricity costs are going towards heating and cooling your home? That’s a significant amount, which makes investing in efficient heating and cooling systems a logical choice. To make the choice even easier, Toronto Hydro and Hydro One offer incentives of as much as $650 to replace your old furnace and central air conditioner.

• Sign up for peaksaver Plus. Since Toronto Hydro, Hydro One and PowerStream switched to time-of-use energy charges, it pays to know how much electricity you’re using and when. By signing up for the peaksaver Plus program, you’ll receive an in-home energy display unit for free. With this unit you can see exactly how much energy you’re using in real time. It displays your electricity in dollars per hour or kilowatt-hour. You can even see how much electricity each of your appliances uses. Be aware however, if you sign-up for this program certain mechanical systems such as central air and pool equipment can be shut down for short periods of time via a signal sent to your home on hot summer weekdays when demand is high. But don’t worry; you’ll never have to worry about this happening on the weekend or holidays.

• Get a free electricity report. Toronto Hydro’s PowerLens Energy Calculator provides detailed calculations and personalized recommendations for electricity savings you can take advantage of. The free calculator offers an overview of your household’s electricity use, and compares it to others. The insights can help you be smarter about your use.

• Get rid of energy inefficient fridges and freezers. It’s an astonishing number, but operating an old, inefficient fridge or freezer can be costing you as much as $125 a year. Let Toronto Hydro take that burden off your hands and schedule a free pickup to have the appliance removed. They’ll do the heavy lifting and recycling for fridges and freezers that are at least 20 years old and in working condition. They’ll also take window air conditioning and dehumidifier units that are 10 years or older and in working condition.

• Gather your savings. Take advantage of the coupons available on-line to save even more.  Download Toronto Hydro and Hydro One’s coupons to save on energy-efficient products for your home, including CFL light bulbs, appliance and lighting controls, as well as indoor light fixtures. By investing in these types of products, you can really save. Visit and for printable coupons you can use at various local retailers.

I would be happy to share more energy saving tips with you. Please call me directly at 289-338-0767.