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Luxury property ownership made easily and affordably

We’ve all seen the shows on TV, showcasing luxury property ownership made easily and affordably, but is it really possible?

Sure, you can go the route of a beachfront bargain hunt, or vacation property for free, but there are other options that not only provide the ability to own a second home, but add the freedom of not having to travel to the same location each year and worry about renters, maintenance and more.

The trend in the sharing of luxury properties is growing. Similar to a time-share, you are given a certain amount of time each year to spend in your property. But what’s different is that you actually own a share of the property, offering the potential for a capital gain when the property is sold and you aren’t limited to travelling to the same property each year. Instead you can swap your time and location for somewhere else on your worldwide travel bucket list.

One company that is successfully offering this smart way to own your second home is Rocksure, which provides shared equity ownership of real estate. Rocksure fund investors own 100 per cent of ALL the properties in the portfolio between them, providing opportunity for a capital gain when they are sold – at the end of the seven to 10 year life of the fund.

Not only does this provide easy exit at that time, investors don’t have to worry about any of the time, expense, complications of buying property in foreign locations or mortgages.

Investors simply pay fair and reasonable annual charges to cover such expenses as local taxes, annual maintenance, utilities and staff in exchange for being able to travel to great locations around the world. You’ll never have to return to the same location if you don’t want to and can also enjoy the benefit of a housekeeper/cook with every villa, daily maid service at every apartment and benefit from a personal Rocksure Concierge. It’s a great upscale all-inclusive holiday that can be shared with family and friends and also makes a great business investment.

If second home ownership outside the country is something you’re interested in, I believe Rocksure is definitely worth considering.

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