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For the love of: Beautiful closets

large white wardrobe. 3d rendering

Is there anything more beautiful than a perfectly organized closet? Of course there is, yet there is something to be said of a beautiful closet that’s organized and functional, and that’s why I love them so much.

While a walk-in closet, or better, a dressing room, is the ideal, even a small closet can be beautiful and well organized.

When planning your custom closet, keep the following design principles in mind and you’ll be well on your way to your own beautiful closet. But don’t forget to first calculate everything you need to store in your closet to ensure there’s space for everything.

Use all available closet space: This means going floor-to-ceiling with your beautiful closet design. Use double hanging rods to hang twice the number of clothes, but don’t forget to leave space for full-length items as well. Create upper shelves for more storage. These higher shelves can be a great spot for lesser-used items, handbags, and are a great place for storage baskets. Closer to the ground, create racks for your shoes.

Include drawers: Not only will drawers in your beautiful closet reduce furniture in your bedroom, maximizing that space as well, they simply make good storage sense. In a larger closet a dresser or hutch can separate his and hers spaces, or casual, business and dressy clothing. The top of a dresser also makes a great space for catching odds and ends, a jewellery box or other items you may not want out in the bedroom.

Make the space cohesive: Don’t treat your beautiful closet as an entirely separate space from your beautiful bedroom. Ensure fluidity from one space to the next with interior design choices that will make both spaces appear larger, such as light colours and mirrors. ¬†Using the same design in both spaces will ensure both spaces are as beautiful as possible.

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