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Live Edge Furniture

From kitchen counters to bar tops, dining to coffee tables, the live edge furniture love is spreading in the world of home décor.

It’s no wonder this trend has taken hold. Live edge furniture offers a functional focal point and piece of art all in one.

Live edge furniture is also an eco-friendly option. Choose a craftsman like Tree Green Team in Collingwood, who does not cut living trees to create the pieces, but rather sources salvaged pieces from local loggers and arborists who have removed the trees from property lots or homes. These logs may otherwise become firewood.

When looking for live edge furniture you’ll notice that many pieces are constructed of one piece of wood, sometimes with bark remaining on the edges. Depending on how rustic you want the piece to be can often be determined by local craftsman who often custom create live edge furniture rather than mass produce it. This provides quality construction and a piece that will perfectly fit your space.

You will want to ensure that the live edge furniture you select is kiln dried. The kiln-drying process removes all moisture to an ideal 6 to 8 per cent moisture content to prevent expansion and contraction of the wood that will ultimately change the furniture over time. When kiln dried, the wood will remain exactly as you see it. Also ask your craftsman about the finishing products used. You’ll want something that’s non-toxic and food friendly depending on the application.

Other local live edge furniture craftsmen include:

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