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Learn to love wine

wine2Learning to love wine might be an acquired taste, but fortunately there are a number of programs available from the LCBO and wineries to help you gain an appreciation for the vintages. Though most of us will never become a sommelier – a person certified in knowing how to pair wines with dishes – it’s a great skill to know how to do this to some degree and can be learned with some of the LCBO’s programs.

In addition to the website’s podcasts, which offer virtual tastes and information about mixing drinks, the LCBO hosts events and courses to help the general public learn a little more about wine.

You can choose from wine appreciation courses, cooking classes and even attend tutored tastings where you can tour the world of wine with expert LCBO product consultants. It will give you the chance to sample some of the LCBO’s finest products and provide a little bit of insight for pairing them with menus.

In addition to the programs offered by the LCBO, you can also take advantage of tasting and events at local wineries. Here in York Region we’re fortunate enough to have such enjoyable wineries as Kittling Ridge Estate Wines in Richmond Hill and Magnotta Winery in Vaughan. A short drive to the Niagara Region, however, yields tremendous wine tasting opportunities. Here you can do complete wine tours, getting a great sampling of the different varieties available. Wineries such as Hillebrand also offer wine clubs. Sending you two bottles in the mail each month, you can cellar them or pair them with the menus that are also provided.


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