For years there’s been a friendly rivalry going on amongst Lake Simcoe dwellers. It passionately engages homeowners from the north, south, east and west sides of the lake in a tempting challenge for which side of the lake out-shines the others.

Here Are The Arguments:

On the north side residents and cottagers get full day sun. In the summer this means they can enjoy the entire day on the water, along with a sandy beach. In the winter, it provides more warmth and much needed sun exposure.

South side Lake Simcoe cottagers and residents boast of deeper waters, perfect for boating and fishing.

On the east side of the lake owners enjoy magnificent sunsets each and every day of the year. And along with these picturesque ends to each day, some areas on the east side of Lake Simcoe home also enjoy more privacy, less boat traffic and better sailing due to the westerly winds.

Finally, cottagers and homeowners on the west side of the lake say they can enjoy a beautiful start to each day with the breathtaking sunrise. Plus, the west gets very little wind, making that side better for swimming and lounging, or so they say.

It’s an interesting rivalry and one that puts a real estate broker such as myself in the heat of it. When I’m helping clients buy and sell properties on the lake, I have to share all the features of each location, and truth-be-told, in my opinion as long as you’re somewhere on this beautiful lake, you’ll be happy. But it is my job to make sure my clients find themselves on a lakefront property that will afford them the opportunity to enjoy the sports, hobbies and leisure activities they most enjoy.

With all that said, I have to ask: what side of Lake Simcoe do you think is best?

Learn more about differences in Lake Simcoe neighbourhoods on our community pages which include:

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