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Kaesch micro steam

shutterstock_46904575What could be more opulent than a micro steam system in your very own home?

Designed to atomize mediated oils and salt solutions containing minerals, vitamins, trace element, fatty acids and bio-photons, the Kaesch Micro Steam system infuses these beneficial properties into the body though the pores and respiratory system.

How does it work?

When installed in your shower you’ll just have to simply sit back and relax. One press of the start button and the space will begin to fill with a light that envelops the body. The beneficial elements of the natural oils, salts and minerals from the salt solutions infused in the micro steam system enter the body and travel to the organs, connective tissue, nervous system and cells of the body.

The system works as an anti-inflammatory, strengthening the immune system, killing bacteria, detoxifying the body, all while balancing the skin, relieving itchiness, firming the skin and renewing cells. Many users also report that the Kaesch micro steam system works as an excellent decongestant.

As an internationally renowned manufacturer of exclusive bathtubs, whirlpools and showers, Kaesch aims to deliver maximum relaxation in products that offer timeless, elegant design and uncompromised quality. You’ll find many of the company’s products in luxury hotels around the world, and now you can invest in them in your own home. What a great way to add value, and opulence to your property, all while relaxing and soaking up the benefits.


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