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What’s Your Story? An Insight into Selling in the Luxury Residential Market

Selling your luxury real estate home involves care and personalization to properly present the property well to potential qualified, interested buyers. The best thing you can do as a seller is to see your property in the eyes of a buyer. How does the property speak to you? Do you feel a connection and kinship to the building, interior design, and grounds? Whether you are selling a country home, serene ocean getaway, or a penthouse, your property has its own special story. The discovery of a new property can be intoxicating for a new buyer when the property has an emotional resonance and offers a connection that the buyer can relate to. 

Some homes have special features that are compelling that convince you to keep touring the property and exploring both the interior and exterior. Others have luxury modern amenities that offer convenience and comfort. The proximity of your residence to lifestyle pursuits such as lakes, parks, golf courses, ski resorts, and equestrian properties, to name a few, can also be very attractive to buyers. 

Each property has its own story waiting to be revealed. We aim to unveil this story in a beautiful, compelling way.

Your buyer’s experience of your home is very important. This begins long before the prospective buyer has set foot on the property. It starts with your presentation online and via the marketing methods you choose. We aim to create a special, memorable experience for your potential buyers by carefully creating a story about your home that speaks to them.

This storyline is important in how a buyer chooses a property. When you think about how you purchased your home initially, you will remember the storyline in your own mind that helped you decide to purchase the home. Your home has its own personal story that can only be told through your eyes. Understanding this is key to making the sale. This “art of the sale” is in making the property easy to buy!

Marketing your home successfully requires a compelling story that speaks to your perfect audience who will love experiencing your home. It’s the art of capturing the home’s story and putting it in to words.  

Stories have the ability to engage, uplift and inspire with emotional impact and to connect with the audience directly so that readers feel that they are living the story themselves.

Creating a narrative to support your home’s story includes marketing tools such as photography and film. Images without a story lack cohesion and can also be confusing or disjointed. They essentially lack meaning or “soul.” However, when you craft a meaningful story that is tied to the property’s unique and special characteristics, you create a winning narrative that inspire high quality, connected imagery.

This methodology is quintessential in the arts and entertainment industry. It’s the underpinning of all great works of art.  Since your home is the underpinning of your great story, we want to capture it both in words and visually in order to attract the perfect buyer.   

We have professional writers, photographers and videographers that work with us tell your story.  It’s our formula for success…your success. To learn more about our creative marketing approach and how we can help you, please call us for a confidential consultation.

When Others See A Home, We See A Work Of Art.

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