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How We Make Your Move Stress Free

Earlier this week our clients – whose house we recently sold – reached out to thank us for making this their easiest move they have prepared for yet. Shortly after selling their property, we created a MoveSnap account for them, as we do for all of our clients. Their great testimonial of this service has inspired us to share with you how it works and why it is such an incredible tool for our clients to use.  

MoveSnap is the ultimate digital moving concierge service to help avoid the hassles that come with relocating. You get end-to-end support, as they help you organize every moving task in one seamless place so you can save time and money, and reduce your stress. MoveSnap is like your super-organized friend who knows everything there is to know about moving. They know who to call, where to go, and how to get it all done. No request is too big or too small. 

They provide our clients with their easiest, most painless move ever. This means every detail that bogs down the moving process – from endless document and ID changes to notifying the post office to finding movers or renting a truck – has been considered and presented on our digital platform in a way that makes it easy to keep track of the details, organize your schedule and manage your budget. They also know that every mover has unique needs and wants, so they assign a live customer support specialist to help with research, questions, or even a good old-fashioned shoulder to lean on during the frenzy of the moving period.

The best part for you: Our partnership with MoveSnap means that we provide this service completely free to all of our real estate clients. 

So what does MoveSnap help you accomplish?


Hire a Mover

On Move Day, your movers will be your best friends. Make sure you choose your friends wisely. Get a free estimate by filling out a short web form detailing your move and location and MoveSnap will provide you with competitive estimates. You can compare, select and save. If you need more info, a representative from each company will contact you for a quote.

Rent a Truck

If you’re able to do the heavy listing yourself, and are not in need of a professional moving company, MoveSnap offers instant truck rental estimates based on your location, and the number of bedrooms you need to move.

Store Your Stuff

Downsizing? Medium-sizing? Whatever the sizing, you’ll want to keep your belongings in a safe place. Simply select the size of your current home or apartment and MoveSnap will provide you with up-to-date storage quotes based on recent moves in your area.

Sell Your Things

It won’t shave your mortgage down, but selling your stuff can help you put a dent in your moving budget. Plus, it guarantees premium toppings on your Move Day pizza. MoveSnap has compiled a list of easy ways to make a quick buck. They provide you with links to online marketplaces and locations to sell clothing, furniture, sport equipment, and more.

Donate Your Goods

The best way to handle the guilt of over-accumulation is to do good with your unwanted goods. This is the win-win of moving. When you donate your items to charity, you give your stuff a new home and help those in need. MoveSnap sets you up with donation centres in your area to take Furniture, appliances, childrens items, and more.

Toss Your Junk

Holy moly, you have a lot of stuff! While they can’t come to your place and liquidate your unwanted goods with a cartoon pulverizer (that’s for a future version of MoveSnap), they can definitely help you get your junk in the right trunk. MoveSnap provides you with links to garbage collection, junk removal, and electronic recycling options.


Unfortunately, you can have your house tidied by the click of a button, but Movensap does offer tips and tricks to make it easier. Tap the room you want to declutter and the MoveSnap will tell you how difficult it is, provide you with a list of things you’ll need, and recommend an approach.


Type in the addresses of the residences, add, remove, or transfer utilities to and let MoveSnap arrange the rest. The site will help you move the following:

TV, Internet, & Phone

100% of the imaginary people who responded to this completely made-up survey said if they could only take one thing to a deserted island it would be a WiFi connection. Make sure your new home isn’t an internet desert by setting up your services before you move.


Don’t get caught with the lights out. Make sure you close / transfer your electricity account before you leave your current home or open an account in your new home.


The movers have left. The furniture is in. You’ve started in on the boxes. It’s been a 17-hour day. What’s the worst thing that could happen now? The answer is no running water for your post-move shower. Don’t let this happen to you. Close / transfer an existing hydro account or open a new one.


A barbecue in the summer. A toasty furnace in the winter. A working clothes dryer. What do these wonderful experiences have in common? Natural gas in your home. Make sure the lines are open before you move in.


Financial Institutions

Your money can flit through wires and show up in your inbox like magic, but it can’t follow you home if it doesn’t know where you live. Be sure to inform your financial institutions of your address change. Select your financial service provider and MoveSnap can help you update bank, credit card, and investment firm details.

International Services

Leaving the country? Staying for a while? Whatever your travel plans, you’ll need to ensure these government documents are fully up-to-date. Update your Passport, Nexus Card, and Immigration Card.

Mail Forwarding

Canada Post offers a service that will redirect your mail to your new home address for 4 or 12 months. You can purchase this service online or in person at your local post office

Moving within the province:Moving to a different province:Moving to the US or abroad:
4 months: $54.604 months: $67.954 months: $157.55
12 months: $83.6512 months: $104.8512 months: $236.05

Federal Services

If there’s one group of documents you don’t want to neglect, it’s the group that allows you to keep living in Canada legally. Here’s a list of what you need to let Ottawa know you’re moving: Canada Revenue Agency, My Service Canada, Canada Firearms Program.

Provincial Services

The nuts and bolts of civic life can be found in your provincial documentation. Updating your address on these key pieces of identification should be priority. MoveSnap helps you update your Government ID, OSAP, and Outdoors Card.


Budget Your Move

While there’s no way to avoid the investment required to change addresses, you can manage visions of winged cash flying out the window by getting on top of your moving budget. Use this helpful tool to plug in your costs, keep track of your expenses, and get a clear picture of how to manage your money all the way through.

Budget Your New Home

Our housewarming gift to you is this handy tool you can use to keep your household costs in check for as long as you like… or until your next move! Simply use your login credentials to access it through your dashboard after your move is complete.


What to explore whether there’s a better mortgage rate for you? Fill out a web form for a list of competitive mortgage rates. You can also make a list of the insurance companies you need to reach out to regarding your upcoming move, set reminders, and check them off the to-do list.


MoveSnap has partnered with a number of different industry pro’s to provide you special savings with Locksmiths, Relocation Experts, Estate Auctioneers, Junk Removes, Cleaners, and more!


Our goal is always to make your real estate transaction as stress free as possible from start to finish by offering our clients services that go above and beyond the industry standard. Our partner with MoveSnap is one of the many features in our service bundle that come at no cost to our clients.  If you would like to learn more about our process please contact us. 

* Information provided by MoveSnap

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