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Health Benefits Of Balsam Fir Pillows

The medicinal properties of balsam fir needles have long been observed by Indigenous Peoples who believed stuffing their pillows to create balsam fir pillows encouraged tranquil, peaceful sleep.

Not only do balsam fir pillows smell fresh and crisp, which is one of the reasons they promote a good sleep, but balsam fir is also good for your respiratory health. Fir needle essential oil has been used for centuries to treat coughs because it contains antitussive properties that suppress cough, as well as antiseptic properties that help prevent the spread of infection.

Balsam fir pillows, made of needles and small branches that are chipped and dried, help clear clogged respiratory passages, clearing sinuses and helping you breath better and thus sleep better.

But the health benefits of balsam fir pillows don’t end there. A balsam fir pillow can also help with pain relief as it stimulates blood circulation. Sleeping with a balsam fir pillow can help relieve achy joints and muscles.

Furthermore, the scent of balsam fir pillows, while pleasing to us and perfect to add to any home at this time of year, actually acts as a repellant to moths and other insects, making it a great option for cottages that are closed up all winter long. And because the scent of a balsam fir pillow can last a decade or more, they make a great investment.

In states such as Maine where Balsam Fir trees grow in abundance, many shops sell decorative pillows filled with balsam twigs and now with online shopping, purchasing your own balsam fir pillow is easier than ever. Many come with beautiful designs that can enhance or complement your home’s existing décor. But according to St. Louis At Home Magazine, the design of the pillow really takes a backseat to the scent, which is heavy, rich and quintessentially a cold-weather scent that should be added to your home.

I’m a great proponent of balsam fir pillows for health benefits and as such welcome any questions about the product as well ay inquires regarding purchasing balsam fir pillows for your home. Just send me an email and I’ll get right back to you!

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