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Give Your Fireplace A Facelift

A fireplace is often the focal point of a room. If yours is outdated and tired looking, there are plenty of fireplace facelifts that can be made.

The first and easiest is to paint the brick of your fireplace.

Be mindful that you’ll need to prepare the brick and grout for painting by thoroughly cleaning it. This will help ensure the paint adheres to the brick. Next, a good primer will need to be used, followed by the paint, one that’s heat-resistant if you want to paint the firebox. It’s a labour-intense project, but one that isn’t very expensive and yields fantastic results.

Perhaps you’re not ready to paint the brick, but want to tone it down, particularly if it’s a bright or dark colour. If so, whitewashing is another labour intense, but easy project that can make a dramatic difference. The resulting look is on the shabby-chic, farmhouse side, which is very popular these days.

If you’re tired of the brick altogether, consider covering it with drywall for a modern look, or re-face it. Re-facing can be done with a more updated stone facade that’s lightweight and easy to install. Or tiles can be used, which can be laid in a variety of ways for interest for that focal point of your room.

Should you be happy with the brick, stone or tile on your fireplace, perhaps you simply want to switch out the mantel. This can make a dramatic difference to the look of a fireplace, many of which have mantles that are substantially too small to really make an impact.

A reclaimed wood mantle is one great option that can be custom made to cover your existing mantle. Stone is another great mantle option, particularly the lightweight products that are easy to install. Or consider removing your mantle altogether for another modern look.

The options for your fireplace facelift are plenty.

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