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Get creative with storage solutions

We’re constantly hearing about small spaces facing storage problems. But the truth is, even large homes have storage issues. In my experience, these cases tend to be more about organizational problems, but nevertheless, it’s a common issue that I’d like to address.

Let’s start in the closet. Everyone dreams of a walk-in closet, or better, a dressing room. But all that space is useless if not used correctly. Simple bars on which clothes are hung are not the answer. A combination of bars at different heights, together with drawers and shelves is what you need.

A perfect closet design will incorporate bars hung at a height of four to six feet for full length items such as dresses as well as bars hung at half that height for pants and blouses and dress shirts. Sweaters should be folded in drawers and accessories neatly organized on open shelving or in the case of jewellery, tucked into drawers. If you’re lucky enough to have a large walk-in closet or dressing room, ensure all space is used by adding drawers to the centre of the space and make sure all your shoes can also be stored on shelves or racks.

In the pantry it’s best to having rolling shelves that will provide access to all of your non-perishables. Stationary shelves tend to get cluttered because of their inaccessibility. A rolling design is simple to install, as is a lazy-Susan, which also provides access to everything.

A rolling shelf design is also great for pots and pans so they don’t get stacked in a cupboard. And keep your baking trays organized by installing vertical dividers in the cupboards above your refrigerator for easy access.

In my opinion, nothing makes a kitchen more cluttered than lots of appliances left on the counter. Only the items used every day, such as the coffee maker, should be left out. Toasters, blenders and electric kettles should all have a home in an easily accessible cupboard.

As much as we all love a cozy throw or blanket left out on the couch during the cold winter months, more than one can look messy. If you prefer a contemporary style, tuck extra blankets into a coffee table with storage. In a more traditional home hanging blankets on an old wooden ladder is a décor choice I’ve seen a lot on Pinterest.

And finally, in the office, don’t let a messy desk clutter your ability to work. As small as computers have gotten, I believe we still need a fair sized workspace. Use a desk with drawers or bring in filing cabinets to maintain order. If you’re looking to purge paperwork, only do so with items that are seven years or older.

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