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Epicured Market offers easy solution to managing dietary restrictions

When founder of Epicured Market Jillian Bowman was diagnosed with medical conditions and food sensitivities in 2014 she was determined to heal herself with a holistic approach. Together with Oakville Naturopath Dr. Jason Lee, she created a 100 per cent all natural diet to heal her intestines and digestive system.

In just seven weeks it did just that, but now Jillian faced a battle of living this holistic life, 100 per cent, forever. It was time consuming and frustrating, but from there came the idea of Epicured Market, offering an easy solution to managing dietary restrictions.

Based here in Ontario, Jillian and Epicured Market help make it easier to stick to a healthy lifestyle by supporting your dietary needs and health goals. Saving you time and money, Epicured Market delivers healthy, safe-to-your-diet products to your door. Think of it like having your own personal chef who will provide you with the resources you need to be knowledgeable and confident about your dietary needs. Plus you’ll have someone to vent your frustrations to, share tips and tricks with and generally answer any questions you may have about your diet.

Armed with a strong belief in the power of healing with food, Jillian has created Epicured Market to offer high quality products sourced from local farms, producers and entrepreneurs in customized grocery baskets delivered to members once a week.

Based on what’s in those baskets, which are customized by Epicured Market’s team of health and nutrition professionals, members will receive weekly meal plans and recipes to meet their personal health and dietary needs. It’s an excellent service that I think will interest many people who have faced a similar situation to Jillian.

For more information about Epicured Market, membership and products, visit https://epicuredmarket.myshopify.com/.

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