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Decorating for Christmas when your house is on the market

Decorating for Christmas When Your House Is on the Market


This post comes to us from Anne Bourne at StagingWorks, a home stager that assists some of our clients with preparing their property for sale.

One question we are often asked at this time of year is how to decorate for Christmas when your home is for sale. Most homeowners still wish to make their homes festive for the holidays but are not sure how best to do so with potential buyers in mind. Today, let’s look at some great tips for decorating for Christmas when your house is on the market.

Think more Winter than Christmas

Not everyone celebrates Christmas. If your home is filled with decorations buyers can’t relate to, they may have trouble seeing your home as a good choice for them. To keep your home festive but inviting to all, think more winter than Christmas. Decorating with natural touches such as white birch branches in a large vase and bowls filled with pinecones can be beautiful and merry.

Your outside decor is also important at this time of year. Welcome guests with urns filled with Christmas greens at the front door. Keep it natural and classic.

Keep it Simple with Colour

You can also choose a two or three colour theme to decorate your home during the holidays. Consider combinations like white and blue, red and green or white and silver to embellish your current decor. You can bring in your chosen colour theme with accessories such as candles, candleholders, bows and fabric. A blue tablecloth, white flowers and silver accessories, for example, can make a beautiful and festive table setting.

Decorating the Family Room

Making your family room festive and welcoming is very important to appeal to potential buyers. Change up your family room with new pillows, throws and a new area rug to warm it up for the season. Keep your colour scheme consistent with the established holiday décor for the rest of the home to make your look feel seamless and well planned.

Little Holiday Extras

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Small holiday touches can be a nice surprise for buyers. For example, welcoming those attending your open house with fresh baked Christmas cookies is a nice treat.  Do be careful, however, with scented candles and plug-ins in your home; artificial scents can be very irritating and many people are highly allergic to perfumes.

Safety First

Winter weather can make it less than ideal for buyers to visit your home. Make sure to keep everyone safe by keeping your driveway well plowed. Walks and steps must also be carefully shovelled and salted.

Outdoor Lighting

Great exterior lighting is essential at this time of year.  Consider replacing your outside light fixtures to something really beautiful to show off your home. Light up your trees or front door with spot lights to sell your house before potential buyers even walk through the door. A nice big welcome mat at the front door is also essential this time of year.


With a little planning, you can still decorate for Christmas when your home is on the market. By keeping it classic, natural and colourful, you will still feel your home is ready for hosting friends and family during the holidays, while keeping it looking its best for buyers.

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