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Dealing with lake house spiders

When you have a lake house, it’s an unavoidable issue: dealing with lake house spiders. Although our eight-legged friends help us out keeping the mosquito population down they can become quite a nuisance by adding a lot of extra cleaning and maintenance of our exterior, windows and doors and inside as well. Fortunately there is a non-toxic way to deal with said guests.

On Lake Simcoe H.E.L.P Pest Control has been providing environmentally friendly pest control services for more than 30 years. These local experts say that the best solution against spiders in your home – lake or otherwise – is to be proactive with a regular spraying program.

At lake houses, your home away from home and the place you want to relax, H.E.L.P Pest Control will deal with the havoc that spiders can cause to the exterior of the home. They say that since spiders tend to catch and consume their prey outdoors, they direct their prevention methods to the exterior of the home. Their regular spraying is directed to the exterior walls, focusing around windows, doors and other entrances to the home. Toxic to spiders, the chemical used is non-toxic and 100 per cent safe for adults, children and animals.

H.E.L.P. Pest Control offers services across Simcoe County, York Region, Muskoka, Parry Sound, Grey County and The Blue Mountains. For more information and to find out of your lake house is a candidate for their non-toxic spraying programs visit helppestcontrol.com or call 1-888-568-4693.

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