Design your own space that makes you want to work out.

Having a home gym offers convenience, privacy, greater hygiene and immediate access to your  personalized workout options right from the comfort of your own home. When it is your own space, you can design it the way you want to have an appealing aesthetic and entertainment options. Your home gym can always have the perfect equipment and accessories just right for you.

When you custom design a gym and workout space for your home, you can make the space inviting in ways that surpass traditional gyms. You can overcome limitations of traditional gym environments such as fluorescent lighting, lack of ambience, crowding and lack of aesthetics. Through intelligent, conscious design, you can create a home gym space that ensures your optimal training environment to achieve your personal goals.

By designing your own home gym, you can create your own supportive environment that helps you focus and stay motivated. Your workout routine can be affected by the ambience and aesthetics of your space such as the room colour, air quality, air conditioning, lighting, ceiling height, decor and size of the gym.

Increasingly today, fitness equipment incorporates technology whether it is the latest Peloton treadmill or you have an Apple Watch that syncs up to your cardio machine workout. These tools can help you track your workouts more accurately and stay motivated. They can also tie into your audio experiences, so you stay motivated by being in touch with friends and fitness instructors, as well as listening to music and podcasts.


As a general rule of thumb, thick and dense non-slip rubber flooring is best for the weights area; isolated flooring works for running machines; and sprung timber or other hardwood flooring is ideal for studio areas where you dance and do aerobics. Using laminated or hardwood flooring in the gym spaces that are not associated with weight lifting, can create an attractive environment to work out in. You can even add a sitting area with cushions and a small rug. For majority of your gym, you will want to have some type of foam, cork or rubber flooring. This type of flooring does not make any sound and is therefore, ideal for home environments. The flooring type that you choose will determine how soundproof the room is. Flooring also helps absorb impact from weights and cardio machines. Softer flooring can help prevent injuries.

Mirrors and Lighting

Adding large mirrors to the walls can help brighten up the space as well as offer you motivation when you are working out. The type of lighting you use can have a significant impact upon your mood and motivation. Recessed lights and ceiling-mounted lights can create a welcoming, modern look. In addition, some home gym owners like to add lighting along the walls close to the floor to brighten up spaces and to create a more inviting space. In choosing the best lighting for your home gym, you must first consider how much natural light you have flowing into the space and then determine what you will need.

Windows and Fresh Air

Whenever possible, have large windows in your gym space. Windows offer access to fresh air, beautiful views and help people relax more quickly and settle in. Having your gym next to the garden or outdoor space can be very appealing. Floor to ceiling windows offer maximum benefit and are suitable for your cardio machines. Skylights for gyms on upper floors can dramatically brighten up the space.

Hygiene and Air Flow

Having your own home gym helps you ensure that you have higher hygiene standards as long as your gym is well maintained. You can install air filtration systems and if possible, access to a shower right next to the gym as well.

Sauna and Steam Room

If and when possible, you can add a sauna and steam room to your gym. This elevates your home gym experience to another level. After you had a sweaty workout, you will love being able to pop into the sauna and flush out toxins. Having a sauna and a steam room can help you relax tremendously. Some home gyms may even include a private indoor lap pool and hot tub.

Choose a Decor You Love

Choose a decor that motivates you. For example, some people like a sleek, industrial look while others aim to create a spa-like tranquil environment. To help you decide, you can think about your prior experiences and figure out what type of space helped motivate you to work out and get moving. This could be at a gym at a hotel you stayed at during a vacation. Choose colours that you like.


Equipment For Your Best Workouts

One of the best aspects of having your own personal gym is you can work out whenever you want. You always have access to the machines and equipment that you need! In selecting the right equipment for your home gym, choose equipment that will enable you to have your best workouts. This varies by individual. For example, if you love running, you may want to have a treadmill, weight machines and yoga mats. If you are a cyclist, you may have both an indoor and outdoor bike you use constantly. Choose high quality equipment from reputable companies that are well designed and long lasting.

For example, Pent equipment from Poland is known for its luxurious feel with custom wood finishes and gorgeous metal equipment from dumbbells to kettlebells and exercise benches. TechnoGym is popular among athletes who want adventurous workouts such as running simulations with parachutes, sled training and more with biometric feedback. Keiser bikes offer an excellent indoor cycling experience, with quantitative data for training and physical therapy. Woodway offers custom-made treadmills that minimize the shock to connective tissue while running.

Additional options range from yoga and Pilates to boxing bags, trampolines and more. By keeping distinct areas for different equipment and workouts, you will stay organized and keep your home gym space inviting.

Some of the equipment that you buy may need access to electrical outlets. You will want to place your gym machines and equipment for easy workout access and in such a way that you have enough space to move around in the gym comfortably without tripping on or even seeing a lot of wires.


Home Gym Accessories

Now that you have got the basics in place, what else do you need for your home gym? You may want to add a TV or two, an excellent wireless sound system with built-in speakers and other accessories that enhance your workouts and make them more fun and engaging.

You may also want to include a bench with fresh workout towels, water and possibly some snacks so you complete your workouts without leaving the space.

Finally, consider any health and safety standards that you will need to maintain. This depends upon who is using the gym and if there are any specific health concerns to address.

Depending upon your personal fitness interests, you may want to add and custom build areas of your home gym to include other workout options such as basketball courts, boxing rings, putting greens and tennis courts.

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