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Country home design trends

RoxanneH-post6-650x433With many people choosing to invest their hard-earned money in a second home rather than in the stock market, there are a number of design choices to be made when it comes to working on the space.

Often people choose their second home to be in the country, particularly when their primary residence is in the city, and this new landscape provides the perfect setting for creating the space that meets the owner’s needs.

One trend that I’m seeing a lot of is families creating entirely new floor plans. Many traditional country homes are boxy spaces that are divided up into many smaller rooms. These layouts aren’t conducive to warm family living and actually tend to divide families up by separating them into different spaces.

Years ago people were opening these layouts up entirely, creating floor plans that were completely open concept. This trend ended up creating floor plans that didn’t allow for any privacy. This type of living isn’t right for everyone, and therefore a new trend is on the rise.

I’m seeing many traditional country homes being recreated into open space that doesn’t give up the important notion of private space. Not only do these layouts encourage everyone to be together in sufficient space, they also provide families with separate areas that allow for some privacy.

If you’re looking for the perfect country home to meet your needs or something to renovate I would be happy to provide my services. I specialize in waterfront and country properties in the Lake Simcoe, Uxbridge, Sharon and Newmarket communities and look forward to welcoming you to your new home. Please call me at 416-925-9191 or email Roxanne@ChestnutPark.com.

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