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Countertop care

??????????????Granite, marble and silestone countertops add luxury and beauty to kitchens and bathrooms, yet many people shy away from them because they’ve heard they are difficult to care for. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, these stones are some of the most durable in the world, making them perfect for these applications and cleaning couldn’t be easier.

Granite countertops are the easiest to care for, requiring nothing but a little bit of soap and warm water to keep them clean. As long as you follow this cleaning method you won’t even have to re-seal the granite – a frustration many people have with the stone.

But if you never use cleaners that dull the finish, you’ll never have to worry about re-sealing. If you’ve already made this mistake, or purchased a home where someone has used harsh cleaning products, be sure to call in a professional to re-seal the surface. Buying products available at hardware and home improvement stores is risky because it doesn’t do as good of a job.

Marble countertops are just as easy to care for. Though it’s softer and more porous than granite, making is susceptible to scratch, pitting, stains and cracks, you can keep your marble looking new by using a damp cloth and pH-neutral cleaner to keep it spic and span. Be sure you’re not using anything abrasive to clean marble, as it will scratch.  Clean up drips and spills from acidic foods like lemons and tomatoes quickly and thoroughly.

Silestone countertops, which are basically a hard quartz surface, can be cleaned with your regular, mild, household cleaners. You won’t have to worry about spills the way you do with marble, but you do need to avoid using strong chemicals. Try basic Lysol or Fantastik cleaners and they’ll do the trick. For stubborn spills or stains, you can also use these cleaners to soak the surface for up to 10 minutes and wipe away vigorously with a non-scratch pad.

Armed with this knowledge, you won’t have to shy away from these beautiful countertop products anymore!


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