Our homes are our palaces. As such, they have been decorated to suit our style. But when it comes time to sell, the styles we have chosen may not appeal to all buyers. That is why so many people have turned to home staging for sale.

Staging is a process that sees your Realtor, a professional stager, or even yourself, clearing out your distinct style and using fresh paint, new accessories and furniture to showcase your home in a new light.

Hiring a staging service, or using one provided by your Realtor is often the best, most efficient and most cost-effective method. Professionals have the interior design knowledge to not only highlight the best features of your home, but also the hottest trends that will appeal to the most prospective buyers.

Additionally, stagers have access to an array of furniture and accessories that are used for the sole purpose of staging. This means you can pay for their service and not have to worry about buying or renting items for this specific reason. All you will need to do is put your personal items in storage for the duration of the sale process.

When a home is properly staged potential buyers will not only find it appealing, but will also be able to admire its best features. A stager will ensure that any of poorer qualities of the home are addressed, such as dark room with light and bright paint and furnishings. It is an investment, which in my opinion, is often very worthwhile. The more appealing a home is to the masses, the more likely it will sell quickly and for as close to asking, or above, as possible.




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