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The Regional Municipality of Oxford County comprises 2,000 square kilometres of land that represents both urban settings and rural communities.

With a population, according to the 2016 census, of just more than 110,000 people, the area is home to eight area municipalities including:

  • Blandford-Blenheim
  • East Zorra-Tavistock
  • Ingersoll
  • Norwich
  • Woodstock
  • South-West Oxford
  • Tillsonburg
  • Zorra

The Township of Blandford-Blenheim offers the serenity of country life with the conveniences of urban living. The Township is the result of a 1975 amalgamation that saw the historic County Townships of Blandford and Blenheim come together. The communities within the Township include Bright, Drumbo, Plattsville, Princeton, and Washington.


The Township of East Zorra-Tavistock was formed through the amalgamation of such communities as Braemar, Cassel, East Zorra, Hickson, Huntingford, Innerkip, Perry Mine, Perrys Lane, Strathallan, Tavistock, Tollgate, and Willow Lake. The largest three towns are Tavistock, Innerkip, and Hickson. Today its population is approximately 7,000 with half of the residents living in the villages of Tavistock, Innerkip and Hickson and the other half living in the Township’s rural areas.

Ingersoll, which was first settled by Major Thomas Ingersoll in 1793 was named in his honour by his son, Charles, in 1852 when it became the Village of Ingersoll. In 1861 the village was incorporated as The Town of Ingersoll, as it’s known today. The Town’s motto is “Prosperity Through Progress” and it’s something all of the Town’s almost 13,000 residents embrace.

The Township of Norwich is historical, agricultural and beautiful. The crossroads of Highways 401 and 403 are on the north border of the Township and within the boundaries you’ll find countryside, villages and productive farmland. Points of interest include the Amish community of Otterville Mill, Grand Trunk Railway Station Museum, Norwich & District Museum and unique local boutiques.

Woodstock is a community rich in culture of heritage. Home to beautiful buildings and Victorian heritage homes, it’s also the place where “Klondike” Joe Boyle is buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery on Vansittart Avenue. A weekly farmers’ market and OLG slots at Woodstock Raceway are also popular attractions in the town that, according to the 2016 census, is home to almost 41,000 residents.


The southwest section of Oxford County is home to the aptly named Township of South-West Oxford. Comprising 87,588 acres of land and home to 7,544 residents, the Township serves as a regional centre for industry, commerce and recreation. Armed with a mission to be “a leader in the development and delivery of municipal services for the growth and well being of the community,” the area enjoys a rich agricultural heritage.

Since its earliest days, Tillsonburg has been a town where art could be found anywhere. From beautiful buildings to homes, the Town, with a population of 15,000 people is continually growing with many new home communities currently under construction.

In the northwest corner of Oxford County is Zorra Township, a rural community comprising several rural clusters and two serviced villages. With fewer than 10,000 residents, Zorra has a land area of 529 square kilometres.

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