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Once upon a time, Roches Point was on its way to becoming the capital of Ontario. It was far larger than neighboring Keswick and was growing at a steady rate. However, something happened along the way. Keswick became the preferred destination and its growth soon eclipsed Roches Point, stalling its progress. Today, Roches Point is a small community best known for its gorgeous chapel, Christ Church, which is widely held to be the most beautiful English-style fieldstone church in Ontario.

Christ Church has served the surrounding community since January 1, 1863. Thanks to its excellent construction and maintenance, its present condition is a testament to the devoted congregations over the years.


Roches Point is also home to Camp Katonim, a summer day camp that offers exciting activities for children ages 3 to 16. It is located by the shores of Lake Simcoe in a beautiful country setting, 50 minutes from Toronto. As well as an enriching camp experience, children are able to engage in full waterfront activities, land sports, drama, and arts & crafts. In addition, the camp has facilities for overnight and canoe trips.


Camp Katonim

Elementary Schools
Jersey Public School
Keswick Public School
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School
Prince of Peace Catholic School
R.L. Graham Public School
W.J. Watson Public School
Deer Park Public School
Lake Simcoe Public School
Fairwood Public School
Lakeside Public School

High Schools
Keswick High School
Our Lady of the Lake Catholic High School

Christ Church
Keswick Presbyterian Church
Maple Hill Baptist Church
St. Paul’s Angelican Church
Cornerstone Pentecostal Church
Keswick Catholic Church
Immaculate Conception Church
Georgina Gospel Assembly
Keswick Christian Church
Keswick United Church
Our Lady of the Lake Church

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