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Keswick is currently the largest urban community within the Town of Georgina and it is continually growing in both residential and business areas. Thanks to this constant growth this once small village now makes up nearly half of Georgina’s population with 26,000 residents. With an abundance of sub-divisions and being minutes away from Highway 404, Keswick makes a desirable location to settle down without being too far removed from its urban surroundings.

Bordering Lake Simcoe affords Keswick a number of events and activities that make it a popular destination in both summer and winter. The winter months are host to the annual Canadian Ice Fishing Championship which typically runs from early January to late March and seems to increase in popularity every year. When the ice thaws and the warmth returns, Lake Simcoe becomes a source of great relief .


A large number of public and private beaches line the shores of Lake Simcoe and offer more than just a quick way to cool off.  Elmhurst Beach Association is just one of the many beach clubs that hold special events on the water’s edge, including concerts, corn roasts, fireworks and more. Most beaches also contain playground equipment and picnic tables for those families wishing to make a day of it. Not to be outdone, Keswick’s many marinas also offer recreational activities that range from water-skiing to kite surfing and more.

If you crave winter activities in the summer, you can check out the Ice Palace where hockey reigns all year round. The Ice Palace also contains a skate park and multiple party rooms that can accommodate any event you may be planning. If you’re sick of the ice and want some green, head on over to Orchard Beach Golf and Country Club, a beautiful 9-hole course with a rich history. This shareholder-owned course offers associate memberships and pay-as-you-play access. The clubhouse has a dining area, bar and covered patio area that makes an ideal place to host a family or company tournament. Leagues that play here include Monday Morning Ladies, Juniors, Mid-Week Seniors and Kesrock Men. If you would like to join a private club, check out Eastbourne Golf Club. This club was established in 1914 and offers a 9-hole course.

When you want to unwind you can visit the Georgina Pioneer Village and Archives for some insight into the history of the area. Pioneer Village has a number of old buildings, photos, archives and historical documents that tell the story of Keswick’s evolution. When you are done there, you can catch some culture at the Stephen Leacock Theatre and maybe watch a play, musical or enjoy some dinner theatre. Named after the famous canadian writer and economist, this 295 seat theatre has hosted a wide range of stage shows and musical performances since its construction in 1985.

When you want to go sight-seeing you would be remiss if you didn’t swing by The South Shore, an all-suite luxury waterfront hotel. This “New England” style community includes a condominium complex and offers a sweeping view of Lake Simcoe. You can check out the Georgina Military Museum and take a look at an M113A2 Armored Personnel Carrier given by the Department of National Defense. The Museum offers guided tours for school students, community groups and private gatherings.


Though Keswick has been built up a great deal since it was a small village known as Medina, it still relinquishes more than 50% of the community to nature. This area is designated greenspace and contains a wildlife preserve and bird flyway in a protected wetland that can be viewed from a public boardwalk. There are natural trails designed so construction causes minimal damage. Along these trails are plaques which explain the particular species of flora and fauna located in the area. Come here to spend a peaceful day with nature and forget the worries of urban life.

A few famous faces from Keswick include Curtis Joseph, goaltender for the Toronto Maple Leafs for a time, and Whipper Billy Watson, a life-long resident and the man who spearheaded the campaign to build the Georgina Cultural Centre which houses the Stephen Leacock Theatre. Whipper is a member of the Canadian Wrestling Hall of Fame.


Elementary Schools
Jersey Public School
Keswick Public School
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School
Prince of Peace Catholic School
R.L. Graham Public School
W.J. Watson Public School
Deer Park Public School
Lake Simcoe Public School
Fairwood Public School
Lakeside Public School

High Schools
Keswick High School
Our Lady of the Lake Catholic High School

Keswick Presbyterian Church
Maple Hill Baptist Church
St. Paul’s Angelican Church
Cornerstone Pentecostal Church
Keswick Catholic Church
Immaculate Conception Church
Georgina Gospel Assembly
Keswick Christian Church
Keswick United Church
Our Lady of the Lake Church

Places of Interest
The Stephen Leacock Theatre
Pioneer Village and Archives
Ice Palace
Georgina Military Museum
Krates Marina
Eastbourne Golf Club
Orchard Beach Golf and Country Club
Kinsmen Club of Keswick

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