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Big Bay Point is located on the western shores of Lake Simcoe, between Innisfil and Barrie, Ontario. Like most points in the area, Big Bay Point is a stretch of land that juts into Lake Simcoe and is surrounded on three sides by water. As one might suspect, this geographic location makes Big Bay Point a logical destination for beach-goers and watercraft lovers. With a planned multi-million dollar resort to be built in the near future, this shoreline community looks to further capitalize on its natural resource.

Big Bay Point Marina is the place to go in boating season, where every amenity is provided to their customers. The 104 acre facility includes a sandy beach, an in-ground pool, tennis courts, laundry facilities and a full-service department including travel-lift and secure boat storage. The marina is located minutes north of Toronto, is a casual drive or sail to the heart of Barrie or Orillia and the Trent/Severn waterway affords easy access to Casino Rama.


If diving is to your liking you can venture to a public dock just minutes from the marina where a dive shop is located. You might not think there are many sites to be seen diving in the lake but you’d be surprised. The gently sloping bottom stretches from the shore and eventually reaches depths of up to 90 feet; perfect for any open water training one might want to do.Underwater tours are available and include visits to a sunken speed boat and other interesting items that have been submerged over the years.

When you want to relax you can visit the Big Bay Point Golf and Country Club and hit their 9-hole course. The family-oriented private club offers golf, tennis and multiple social activities. In addition, the club hosts various events including the Opening Cocktail Party Canada Day Weekend, the Mid-Summer Dinner and Dance Civic Holiday Weekend and a Husband and Wife Gold and Dinner in mid-August. CPGA golf professional Diane Demick is available for adult group and individual lessons throughout the season.

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