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Popular among families for its beautiful neighbourhoods, high quality schools and access to numerous large parks, Columbia Forest is situated just northwest of Clair Hills, west of Waterloo and close to Mountain Maple Park in Ontario. The University of Waterloo, a public research university, is located in this area just 4 km east of Columbia Forest and attracts talent from all over Canada and the world. 

Valued for its easy access to scientific research and stimulating intellectual discussions as much as its proximity to gorgeous natural areas of scenic beauty, Columbia Forest and Clair Hills is home to a diverse, well educated population. On any day, you can see local residents biking, walking and exercising throughout the community.


Columbia Forest is a community of attractive homes in a friendly, relaxed environment. Most of the houses are recently constructed and have modern amenities sought out in Waterloo by homebuyers today. Houses range from two-bedroom townhouses to 3,500 square foot estate homes.

For many years, Columbia Forest was considered a remote area until the Boardwalk was developed, that opened up the area to retail commerce with retail stores, small businesses, restaurants and a Cineplex on the west side. Columbia Forest has numerous small businesses of every kind from eye doctors in private practice to music teachers, hair salons and more. The area offers high quality homes affordably, attracting younger couples starting families.

Clair Hills to the west of Waterloo is home to large homes such as Rosewood Estates with one of the area’s best kept secrets, Clair Forest, that offers a stunning backdrop.  Clair Forest has over 5 km of walking trails and dense woods containing mature 30-foot tall trees, offering a tranquil, gorgeous escape from urban life just minutes away from Waterloo. You can explore these trails in peace and quiet on your own. The homes in this area range from small bungalows to large executive houses, all built within the last eight years with modern amenities on smaller lots, offering a quiet intimacy in a community.

Local neighbourhoods nearby include Laurelwood, Erbsville, Beechwood, Rummelhardt and Laurel Creek Conservation Area, all within a 2-3 km radius. Enjoy easy access to large parks including Mountain Maple Park, Royal Fern Park, Black Cherry Park, Forest Hill Park, Star Flower Park and Butternut Park.



This area offers plentiful urban amenities while still being a friendly environment with lots of entertainment, access to natural resources, shopping and more. The three neighboring regions of Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge can be quickly accessed using the local metro or via car.
Get a larger view of the area by climbing atop the Baden Hills, four glacier-made kames by the Baden community in Wlmot township in Ontario, just 8 km southwest of Columbia Forest. Due to its elevation at 354 m or a little over 1,000 feet, Baden Hills is now home to TV and radio transmission towers.

There are several high quality schools in the area such as the high school Sir John A. MacDonald Secondary School and elementary schools St. Nicholas Catholic Elementary school, Laurelwood Public School, Vista Hills Public School and Abraham Erb Public School. Additional options include bussing for students attending  Edna Staebler Public School in Clair Hills where students can learn French and high school bussing for Catholic students at Resurrection Catholic Secondary School.
Additional areas of interest nearby include Sunfish LakeDana Porter Library at the University of Waterloo, Sir John A. MacDonald Secondary School, Laurelwood Commons retail area


There’s always something brewing on the local Boardwalk, home to retail stores, restaurants and a Cineplex. www.the-boardwalk.ca/

The local Clair Hills Neighborhood Association offers numerous events all year to encourage community and friendship such as the Fall Funfest, Spring cleaning and yard sales.