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Choosing Your Home’s ‘Scent of Style’

They say scent is the sense that triggers the most prominent memories. According to Tracy Pepe, a perfumer and founder of Nose Knows Designs, “scent is the key to an experience, the aroma allows people to connect with emotion.” And that is why it is so important to scent your home, your personal space, the way you want it to be remembered.

Perfumery is both an art and science, Pepe explains, going on to say that her company creates aromas that can be used in various applications. Also referred to as a scent designer, Pepe’s work has been primarily utilized by many companies, including a number of high end hotels in Toronto. She has won awards for her work with Samsung, has been doing work with Indigo and her and I are now working on a home unit that can help homeowners create that custom scent she says is so important.

“To scent a home we begin with the home itself,” she says. An in-depth discussion with the owner will reveal just what they’re trying to accomplish in each room. “Similar to design, we are looking for elements of the room that will create the feelings that the client desires.” She cautions that could mean the scent isn’t what a homeowner personally likes, but rather a scent that can transform a space, similar to colour on walls.

Because scent has the potential to influence the way you feel, it’s one of the most important senses to trigger. “The olfactory bulb is part of the brain’s limbic system, where emotional processing takes place and which plays a large role in memory formation. Whether consciously perceived or not, a scent can very rapidly tap into an emotional experience or a memory that was formed in the presence of the scent. This can have a profound influence on our mood.”

Utilizing an olfactory perspective can help you re-imagine your space and enhance the overall sensory dimension of the message that space communicates. It’s why real estate agents tend to have fresh baked cookies in the kitchen during an open house, lavender scented candles burning in the bedroom, and crisp linen scents wafting through the washrooms. Scent connects your senses to the space you’re in and will remind you of that space for years to come every time you smell that fragrance.

To learn more about scenting your home, the importance of scent and how you can utilize the services of Nose Knows Design, visit http://www.noseknowsdesign.com/ or call 905-497-7189 for more information.


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