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Boomer trends “Me Villages”

post15There is some interesting info on the website of The Future’s Company, specifically about “Me Villages” and luxury being redefined and the internet and other media channels.

Boomers are a generation that has always been heavily involved in setting the trends for both their generation and others. As this unique group of people begins to retire, we’re seeing an increased push towards several new trends both online and IRL (in real life).

IRL, boomers are seeking out venues – restaurants, entertainment facilities, resorts and other places – that convey a real boomer-only sensibility. These locations, which have been coined as “me” villages are places that cater to the boomer sense of not only being a special group of people, but also to their sophistication.

Many retailers, entertainment providers and restaurants are already picking up on this trend and we’re seeing more and more places that cater to boomers, which is great!

What else are we seeing in boomer trends? Online we’re seeing that boomers are redefining internet use for their own needs. There are now more grandparents on Facebook than there are high school kids. Not only is this a reflection of the sheer size of the boomer population, but, I think it also speaks to the boomer desire to be in touch with friends – both new and old alike – and family.

The internet and the variety of social networking sites provide a great opportunity to share stories, pictures and memories with people you’re not able to see every day and it’s helping boomers reconnect in a major way.

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